Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Great Weekend

This weekend we went over to Moscow to bless Ivan Seth Jones! He is a beautiful addition to our family and we are so blessed to have him. He looks just like Weston and Koper when they were babies. And his hair is wonderful! So soft and beautiful. It was like wheat blowing in the wind. Thank you Seth and Lacey for a very nice day! Seth gave his son a beautiful blessing. (I know I have used the words beautiful and wonderful alot) Martha and Kent put on a really good luncheon for all of us! Thank you! We missed you Sam , Kate, Clark, Meredith, Andrew and Ned.
Ivan with his cousins Michaela and Mackenzie!
So, Stephanie comes over to us all and tells us that she has caught Aidan sneaking food off the table to take on the trip home. It turns out it's mushrooms he is taking. How many children do you know eat mushrooms let alone sneaking them. I love it and we all laughed! i had to get a picture.

Here we all are. All the kids are looking at the camera and with normal expressions! Yahoo!!!!

Seth and Lacey and beautiful Ivan!

Beautiful Ivan!!!! Born February 13, 2010

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Stephanie said...

Wow! I can't believe you got a decent picture of all the kids! That's got to be a first!