Sunday, May 23, 2010

The last month in review!

Andrew drove up to Ontario, Or. from Provo with his friend Cliff to see Ned play. It's 1/2 way for both of us. Ned was sick that day but played and then spent 5 hours in the john on the 5 hour bus trip back to Yakima. Poor kid! Thank you Andrew for coming up! It was a short trip but worth every minute!
Mother's Day brought me these wonderful chocolate covered strawberries from Tommy and Rachel. Funny thing is the wrong card came with them. They were for Edna Evans from Tacoma. She probably got my card! Notice there is one gone. I couldn't resist before I took the picture. I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Thank you for your cards and calls and wonderful gifts everyone!!! I love you all very much!!!!! Seth graduated form U. of Idaho. Peter and Addie were able to go with us. It was a fun day and we are very proud of Seth. On to grad school!

Those of us who were able to be there celebrated Ella's (#3) and Erin's birthday at Red Robin
Parker Field in Yakima. Very artsy picture! Last home game.
So since the end of February Daddy and I have mad approximately 24 trips to watch Ned play baseball and 2 trips over to Moscow for Seth's graduation from the U. of Idaho and Ivan's blessing. That's 52 times over and back over the infamous Snoqualmie Pass! Once you get over the pass the rest of the trip is a piece of cake. But never knowing what the weather is going to be like is awful! This last trip to Pasco yesterday was great thou. It was a beautiful day when we went to watch Ned play his last game for Yakima. ( The scenery is beautiful too going east). The game wasn't so great but being able to support him and cheer him on at every game was worth every trip we made. Thank you Ned!!!!