Sunday, August 17, 2008

tyler's 4th!

just thought i'd send a few pictures of tyler's 4th birthday party! it was at a bouncy place in fall city and the kids LOVED it!!! it was crazy! the kids ran around for an hour bouncing and having a great time! everyone was sweaty but they didn't care! i even tried it and it's one heck of a work out!
tyler and timmy were a little tired and took a break. cool picture of michaela and that's peter and timmy doing the obstacle course.
love you all, mom

tyler's 4th!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

yakima here he comes

so, we just got back from yakima! 10 hours over and back. we left at noon, got there at 2:30 after the little boy in the car had to stop for a potty break (and i'm not talking about ned). we checked out the campus at yakima valley. that took about 5 minutes but it's a very nice campus. only takes up one HUGE city block. nice new buildings though. went over to the dorms. they are your typical dorms. nothing fancy AT ALL! right across from the school.

anyway, we met the head baseball coach at 5 and he is a really nice man. about 45. been coaching there for 5 years. thought we'd only talk to him for an hour but 2 hours later we were still there. went over everything with us and it looks like ned will go at the end of sept. he asked about church and told ned that if he can't play on a sunday (only have a few sunday pre-season games. otherwise they play double headers on weds. and sats.) just to let him know ahead of time. he seems like a real family man.

earlier in the day we were driving around and 2 elders were riding their bikes down the road so we stopped them and asked where the singles ward met so after meeting with the coach we went over to the church building and the branch pres. was coming over to the building so we met him. makes me feel better that we made that connection.

so, before we left i took a picture of ned and the field. i know, he needs a hair. has one month to have it long!

love you all, mom

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

see, i told you

i forgot to add the picture of daddy! here it is!

also, here he is spitting his seeds. he can't stop eating his dill sunflower seeds. he is hooked on them! drives me crazy!!!!

i don't know what i'm doing

ok, at the urging of my children (seth and lacey) i am going to start a blog! wish me luck because i have no idea what i am doing! but, i thought i want to keep up with everyone and let you know what daddy and i are doing and share pictures. i am suppose to be putting down the stick on floor in our bathroom but i started looking at pictures and was directed to do this. plus the thought of putting in the floor does not appeal to me right now. plus i'm watching the olympics. plus i'm lazy!

i will call erin now as she is the only one home and knows what she is doing to help me add pictures. wish me luck again!

love you all, mom
oh yeah, the pics are of the kids running on the church lawn after church last sunday. so cute. they were having such fun!
timmy and erin and baby brynlee on her blessing day.

the family on timmy and erin's porch. we are missing kate, sam, clark, meredith and andrew. makes me sad when we can't all be together on these special days!

the last picture is of daddy holding the very first fan we ever bought at bimart in eugene when we first got married. last weekend seth and lacey came to help me clean out the garage and at their urging we got rid of alot of junk. but i had to take a picture of the fan before we threw it away. the mustang is still in the garage but uncle paul is going to take it in a few weeks and restore it for daddy. when it's gone and we really go thru daddy's stuff, i will take a picture of the garage all cleaned out and organized. thanks seth for doing a great job and lacey for helping me in the house.