Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I don't know what I just did but I need to finsh this entry. Anyway, I may change the shade to another lamp and make a black and white shade for he silver lamp. What do you think?
That's all!

My lamp shade

So today while I was watching Tyler, Ethan (Happy 4th B-day Ethan), Ella and Brynlee for Timmy and Erin, I decided to doll up my boring white lampshade. I had seen on someone's blog that they had covered theirs with fabric and put ribbon on the bottom with cute buttons and so i copied the idea. Turned out just fine. I don't know if it goes with the silver lamp. I may put it on another lamp and

Monday, January 25, 2010

Llast week's project

For a long while now I have been wanting to cover the dining room chairs. You see they belong to a friend and I don't want the fabric on them to get ruined. I finally found this cute polka dot fabric at Joann's. Perfect! The yellow ribbon is some we used at Tommy and Rachel's wedding. I love the way they turned out. Hoorah for me!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Potato Shooter

Ok, so last summer we had a little get together and Peter brought his potato shooter for the "kids" to play with. I thought it was one of those little things, but to our surprise it wasn't little at all! It was more like a potato canon. Here a re the videos of the day! The first one is when Seth and Peter put a rotten potato in it and it rained potato. (The video is sideways because I didn't realize I had the video part of the camera on). We all had potato on our skin, in our hair etc. I loved watching the boys and the grandkids having so much fun. As you can hear, they all had fun!!! Enjoy the tapes. I love them!

So there you have it! My Sunday night blog entry! So far so good. Two weeks in a row. Pretty good! I'm proud of myself. Really proud!

So, everyone have a wonderful week. Love you all.

P.S. I went to the Dr. on Wednesday because my left shoulder has been hurting for while. I found out I have arthritis and tendinitis in my shoulder. Oh really. Matches the arthritis in my knees, hands, pretty much my whole body! I was afraid I was having a heart attack for three weeks. Also, Daddy told me today that for the last few days he has been able to up up the stairs without holding onto the rails. Little miracles! Yahoo!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

i'm back! again!

ok, i just got off the phone with seth and lacey and they encouraged me to start up my blog again. so here goes. it won't be much tonight. but a little something. it's been a year since my last post and alot has happened. daddy is all better, tommy and rachel were married in may. everyone was home for the wedding and we had a good time.

we had a great christmas. missed having sam and seth and their families with us but maybe next year. was busy with 5 weddings during december and i'm not sure i'll do that again during the holidays. my consolation is that all the brides were very pleased with the results as was i.

here are a few pictures to show you what has been happening. they are all random. i know this sentence should be at the top but when i get help from one of my daughters-in-law (hint, hint) to show me how to do a blog the right way then all will be good!
see you next week, i hope! love