Monday, September 29, 2008

Ned Off to School Part 2

So, last Saturday Daddy, Tommy and I took Ned over to Yakima. Rainy day. Yuk! Ned and I left about 1/2 hour before them because Daddy had to make deliveries. We go there at about 11:30. it was raining in Yakima. I asked the woman checking everyone in about the rain and she said it hadn't rained there in months. great, it rained on move in day! YUK! Any way we got things into the room and then it was time to take Ned over to the baseball barbecue the coach was having for all the players. Ned walked thru the gate and I turned and balled like a baby. As Daddy and Tommy sat in the truck and watched me. I got myself under control in about 2 minutes and all was good. It was like taking all the boys to kindergarten on the first day all over again. Thought I was done with that. After we all ate at Arby's and I ran a gallon of milk back to Ned I was off to Moscow to see Seth, Lacey and the kids.

Let me tell you there is a whole lot of nothing out there in central Washington. I literally was the only person on my side of the road for 2 hours! I made it to Moscow in 3 hours. Not bad! I spent 5 days with Seth, Lacey and the boys and we had a great time. I went to work with Seth for about 2 hours one day. He taught me all about draft horses. Let me tell you they are big beasts. I sewed some things (baby blankets, tooth fairy pillows, diaper burp cloths) Lacey is taking over to Now and Then where she sells her vinyl products. They cleaned the carpets, we went down to Lewiston to go to the Home Depot. We were able to get gas at Safeway for only $3.29 a gallon. Can you believe getting excited about $3.29 gas? It was just fun to hang out with Seth, Lacey and the boys.

I went back thru Yakima on my way home and spent 3 hours with Ned. He is fine and adjusting. Baseball was very hard the first day and he was very tired but it's getting better and easier. He likes his classes too. He has been able to get rides to church and last night our Bishop who is from Yakima and was there over the weekend, had him over for dinner at his father's home. So he is being well taken care of which i am very grateful for.

I got home at midnight on Thursday and will catch up some day!

This picture goes with the back end of Ned making his bed. Another exciting moment!

A view of Ned's room. Exciting!

Happy boys?


The dark cinder block hall to his room.

Ned in front of his dorm.

The road to Moscow. I took alot more oictures of the country side
but didn't think you would want to them ALL!

Me quivering next to Justin. LOOK at his eye!

Seth & Justin. This horse is HUGE!!!!

We believe this is Weston.
One of Weston's finer moments!
Just hangin' out!

Koper and the toy box.

The road back to Yakima .

Off to School

Making his bed. Nice backside!
Ned eating his last bowl of cereal at home or in the car for awhile. We are about to take off.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The grand Tour of Yakima Valley C. C.

Last Wednesday Ned & I went over to Yakima for his orientation. This is Y.V.C.C. in a nutshell. You can stand at the clock tower and see the whole school. All the buildings are new except the gym.
The first picture is "the" classroom building then the park next to the school, then the gym, the library, the clock tower. I was standing in front of the bookstore taking the picture of the tower. The dorm is behind the bookstore across the street. All pretty compact. So there you have it. Your baby brother is all set and ready to go. Unbelievable that all of our sons are graduated and making lives for themselves. Daddy and I are very proud of all of you. And that includes wives and grandchildren. Love you all. Mom

Monday, September 8, 2008

Uncle Tommy

I was talking to Seth tonight and he requested that I put some pictures of Tommy on the blog. So here you go Weston. Here's your Uncle Tommy.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finally Getting It Together

So, Daddy and I have been trying to get things in order around here. We had let the back yard go and I've been trying to put our bathroom back together for it seems two years now. We are getting there.
Daddy worked in the yard yesterday and hauled off the last of the yard waste to the dump. We are going to get new rock for under the back windows and it will be done till next spring when the weeds reappear. Yard work gets really old!
Then, in our bathroom the only thing left to do is to put the baseboard in. I would have it done but when i went to have Peter cut them for me I forgot the measurements. Thanksgiving is my deadline. Really! I put the stick down tiles down and it is such an improvement over the yukky old floor. Real tile would have been better but this will do just fine!
The last thing, but not least, is the garage. It's not done so I won't take a picture of it till we are done. Uncle Paul is coming to get the Mustang to start working on it for Daddy. Should be gone in a few weeks. We will then start on Daddy's work area and get it cleaned up. Yahoo!!!
So we carry on and go a day at a time.

Till next time, Mom